Thursday, June 10, 2010

Oracle Solaris Studio Express 6/10

Couple of days ago the beta version of the SunOracle compiler was released. I'd swear it did not list OpenSolaris as a supported plaform five days ago, but now the download page, as well as the Customer Feedback mail I just received say: "will be available for OpenSolaris in the near future". I'd say it's a good news for OpenSolaris (where the long silence regarding its future is making many people nervous) and Studio as well.

I did install the tarball version successfully on b134 and was able to compile cmake 2.8.1 without a glitch.
With the rest of the kde4 workspace I unfortunately hit a bug, so in case we start using it, we'll have to use a wrapper for the CC command to sort the options. I developed something like that a couple of months ago, but never got as far as to commiting it to the workspace.

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