Thursday, June 23, 2011

KDE 4.6.4 on Solaris

It took slightly longer than I expected (thank you pkg team), but finally, as of today KDE 4.6.4 is buildable from the kde4-solaris project repository.
Upstream lists a number of bugfixes, but on the Solaris side I'm not as happy.

As some people already let me know, you can encounter a plasmatic crash right at startup which prevents the desktop from loading.A workaround is to
# mv /opt/kde4/lib/ /opt/kde4/lib/
but you'll lose the clock/calendar applet :-(
Another inconvenience is a number of warning popups shown when connecting to secured websites in Konqueror. They also start a knotify process that gives out annoying bell and eats a lot of CPU.
Last bad news is the loss of KDEaccessibility. Upstream has introduced hard dependency on  speechd, so we can't compile until someone creates a spec for it.

The rest seems to work as usual :-)

Thursday, June 9, 2011


I'm considering getting a Kindle so I was reading some info about it. At the page explaining the difference between 3G and WiFi version I found a link to a map of 3G coverage across the world.
Apart from missing 3G coverage in the Baltic states, which is apparently an error, who do you think is the EU's worst covered country?
Could it be the Czech Republic, where the office regulating telcos spends taxpayer's millions in badly camouflaged telcos' PR campaigns, instead of fighting the cartel that's formed in the market ?

(taken from, license unknown)