Friday, September 24, 2010

Bycicle day in Říčany

Few days ago I got a replacement for my stolen bike. Although not as new and shiny :-), I was able to join the rest of my family and together with another 30 people take part in the annual bycicle day in Říčany. The two policemen accompanying us on their bycicles were kind enough to stop the traffic at some of the busier streets so we did not have to worry too much about the kids.

The organizer, Ekocentrum Říčany, has a bunch of photos from the event on their website.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Were you wondering what happened to the non-reusable parts of the deceased Epson Stylus Color 580 printer?

They were reused. Sort of.

Behold, the printformer!

(the half-functional LED torch wasn't part of the printer, we found it on the sidewalk one day)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

KDE4 on OpenIndiana

OpenIndiana, the spork of OpenSolaris just released the first iso images, so I grabbed one and gave it a go inside VirtualBox.
It booted just fine so I added the KDE4 publisher and tried to pkg install KDEgdm-integration - the basic KDE desktop...

... and it went just fine. There were many dependencies that were downloaded from during the process. I haven't really investigated whether it's because the OI team hasn't sporked them yet or if there was some other problem.

After a logout I was able to login to a KDE 4.5.1 session and it did not feel much different from one in OpenSolaris.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mandriva is dying

Over the past few days I've seen too many "I'm leaving" messages on the Cooker mailing list. salem, caio, olavo, blino, dams, teuf, helio, arthur, boiko, fcrozat, pterjan and now neoclust. As Fabrice Facorat put it:

- install team : empty
- kde team : empty
- gnome team : nearly
- mandriva tools : ??? cut at least by half

Sorry, except if Mandriva is just willing to be a repackaging distro,
Mandriva as a true distro is dead !

It's quite sad to see the best KDE distro vanishing ...

UPDATE: See bug #60936 - Too many people leaving. In comment #11 there's a statement from the management. But I'm quite sceptical, really. You cannot restart a distro without the people...

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Bike stolen

I had my bike stolen about two weeks ago.
May the thief burn in a lake of lava or, alternatively, end up behind this door of Říčany's police station:

I spent about three hours waiting next to that door before I could make a statement about the hyenous crime. The police is definitely not the most efficient part of the country.

Treasure hunt in Voděrádky

While returning from the local market with some vegetables, cheese and sausages, we noticed a notice promoting an event in a nearby village.
Since we did not have any fixed plans for the afternoon and because I realized we haven't really visited Voděrádky since we moved, there was nothing to think about.
It turned out to be the classical fairytale-popculture-quiz. There were about fifteen standpoints where local grownups and teenagers dressed as fairytale characters were giving questions or asked us to perform something based on popular czech fairytales before we could move on to another standpoint.

We do not have a TV so some of it was quite difficult :-) Joining another group really helped us to get through.

This is the last stage. The tent on the left contained  the treasure, while the rightmost one contained tombola prizes. We were lucky enough to win a musical toy for the little sister there.
The end. 50 minutes to walk back home.