Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mandriva is dying

Over the past few days I've seen too many "I'm leaving" messages on the Cooker mailing list. salem, caio, olavo, blino, dams, teuf, helio, arthur, boiko, fcrozat, pterjan and now neoclust. As Fabrice Facorat put it:

- install team : empty
- kde team : empty
- gnome team : nearly
- mandriva tools : ??? cut at least by half

Sorry, except if Mandriva is just willing to be a repackaging distro,
Mandriva as a true distro is dead !

It's quite sad to see the best KDE distro vanishing ...

UPDATE: See bug #60936 - Too many people leaving. In comment #11 there's a statement from the management. But I'm quite sceptical, really. You cannot restart a distro without the people...

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