Saturday, July 14, 2012

[SOLVED] Unfortunately, Clock has stopped

When I upgraded my xperia ray from CM7 to CM9(FXP128), I was greeted by the message 'Unfortunately, Clock has stopped' whenever the phone started and anytime I touched the Clock widget. Apart from being annoying it meant I couldn't set my alarms so this became a priority one issue :-)

I opened the Terminal Emulator and typed:

$ su 
# logcat

Then I held 'Volume down' (a.k.a. Ctrl) and 'c' to stop the output. I scrolled a bit up in the output and found a line that said:

E/SQLiteOpenHelper( 5231): Couldn't open alarms.db for writing (will try read-only): E/SQLiteOpenHelper( 5231): android.database.sqlite.SQLiteException: Can't downgrade database from version 7 to 5

OK, so this is where it's breaking. I wasn't really interested in finding out what should the proper combination of ownership/permissions for the file as I didn't really trust it would end just here, downgrading database version offers a range of situations that can go wrong. And since I don't really care for my past alarm clock times, I got rid of the old database:

# cd /data/data/ 
# mv alarms.db alarms.db.bak 

Problem solved.