Sunday, October 17, 2010


I'd never say this is possible, but it happened today. The local elections are over now and Klidné město, the non-political union of people fed up by current state of affairs in Říčany, now owns 10 posts out of 21! We gained almost 40 % of the votes! Unless the remaining 5 parties show extreme disgrace towards the will of the general public, we're going to have the mayor too.
Heck, even our last candidate got by far more votes than any other party's candidate.

Now the hard work starts!

(I'm not a candidate, just a regular member of the party, sometimes unhappy with the affairs (google me))

Friday, October 15, 2010

Pirate attack

The elections are quickly approaching and one cannot make a step without being attacked by political party ads or promoters.

Yesterday I was attacked by the pirate party's chief himself:

Sunday, October 10, 2010

KDE 4.5.2 for OpenSolaris & friends

Thanks to Adriaan who did all the work, the KDE 4.5.2 binary packages for OpenSolaris and other compatible systems are available.
The repo now uses a Linux port of depotd, no VirtualBox involved, so once again the downloads should be smooth. (thanks to Adriaan, again)

The repo:
The announcement:
The upstream announcement:

pathetic google

This Monday (Oct 4) I found in my mailbox a letter from Google. They sent me an AdWords voucher for 1000 CZK (~50$). How nice. But there is a little catch.
The voucher is only worth 750 CZK if used after September 30 ...

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Train delay

This morning my train was delayed by about 30 minutes because the train ahead of us ran over some stupid guy at Horní Měcholupy. People tend to cross the rails there as going around adds about 200 meters to the 20 meters distance to the bus station. I do it myself too.

On the photo below you can see a stream of water  used by the firemen to clean up the mess.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Thanks to I learned about a nice promo action at TI. The EKB-UCOS3-EVM - Stellaris Robotic Evaluation Board is a nice toy featuring MicroSD slot, USB host and device connectors, I2C audio with a speaker, ethernet connector (!), 96×6 OLED display, a pair of motors, optosensors and bump detectors, all driven by the LM3S9B92 microcontroller.
This uC is ARM Cortex M3 operating at up to 80 MHz, with 256 kB flash, 96 kB SRAM, a 32-ch DMA, and lots of other shortcuts. It comes with a proprietary RTOS preloaded but the chip is capable of going the opensource way too.

All that for $25 including shipping. Sounded too good to be true, but I ordered nevertheless :-)