Thursday, June 23, 2011

KDE 4.6.4 on Solaris

It took slightly longer than I expected (thank you pkg team), but finally, as of today KDE 4.6.4 is buildable from the kde4-solaris project repository.
Upstream lists a number of bugfixes, but on the Solaris side I'm not as happy.

As some people already let me know, you can encounter a plasmatic crash right at startup which prevents the desktop from loading.A workaround is to
# mv /opt/kde4/lib/ /opt/kde4/lib/
but you'll lose the clock/calendar applet :-(
Another inconvenience is a number of warning popups shown when connecting to secured websites in Konqueror. They also start a knotify process that gives out annoying bell and eats a lot of CPU.
Last bad news is the loss of KDEaccessibility. Upstream has introduced hard dependency on  speechd, so we can't compile until someone creates a spec for it.

The rest seems to work as usual :-)

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