Monday, August 10, 2015

Fix for Stagefright in Cyanogenmod 9.1 for Xperia Ray

Having recently gone from the stock Sony ROM to CM 9.1 I found the Stagefright stuff a good excuse to start hacking Cyanogenmod.
Long story short - I've backported the fixes for the Stagefright vulnerabilities to the cm9.1 branch and built a private ROM for my Ray out of that.

It works acceptably well on my device and while I'm quite sure the CM9.1 libstagefright code contains many horrors that might have been fixed along the long way from Android 4.0.4, at least now I should be relatively safe should a massive exploit be unleashed:
I'll try to push the changes upstream. In the meantime, here's the ROM (sha1sum: 54ae08ffb080767336faa430d7ad0a14558d6ad5).

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