Tuesday, May 31, 2011


One more step closer to usable desktop - I've got Digikam 2.0.0 beta5 running on my laptop.
It works quite well actually, apart from the usual lag associated with anything Qt4 on Solaris. It hasn't crashed during the 1 hour I played with it, so I consider it stable :-).
The only thing I found crashing is showfoto - the crapfest called semantic desktop is showing its ugly face there again, with misbehaving strigi analyzer ruining the show. It's good to know we're not relying on some unmaintained pile of rubbish there.


  1. WOOOHOOO! Excellent! I've been trying to get this to build and work for quite some time now! Do you have it in the repsoitory as pkg yet? Or a spec and patches?

  2. http://solaris.bionicmutton.org/hg/kde4-specs-460 is the kde-solaris repo, I committed the gcc subdir yesterday.