Monday, August 16, 2010

KDE 4.5.0 & Korona for OpenSolaris

The latest and greatest stable release of KDE4 is again available as IPS binary packages at the usual place (and the usual mirror in case you hit problems downloading).
Since 4.4.5, many improvements were done in terms of packaging correctness (dependencies, linking), thanks to hnhn's adaptation of alanc's check-deps script.
Also Qt was updated to 4.6.3, Amarok to 2.3.1, Koffice to 2.2.1, as well as few other KDE dependencies.
Last but not least, kdel10n-* packages are present, providing support for 55 languages.
The upstream changes are best described in the KDE 4.5.0 announcement.

The showcase of the kde-solaris project, Korona 4.5.0, combining the powers of the late OpenSolaris b134 and KDE 4.5.0 has just been uploaded and should become available in a few hours at As a small improvement, the nepomuk stuff is disabled there and akonadi appetite has been minimized. I had to do this otherwise desktop metadata would fill the $HOME, which lead to crashes. (Note that konversation was unintentionally ommited from the live cd, sorry.)

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  1. Looking good, I notice the nwam is integrated nicely now. I think I could live without nepomuk and kmix, but not without firefox working well. I believe the recent KDE Oxygen themes only works with 3.6 upwards, shame build 134 has only 3.5.8.

    I might try installing b134 preview, upgrade to illumos gate b145 and then install KDE4 from bionicmutton repo. I hope the recent Oracle intentions do not deter thee, we need KDE4 on solaris/illumos/whatever-whenever.