Saturday, May 15, 2010

Community compost & Extreme parkour freerun chalenge ve Skate parku v Říčanech

Today was the Open Day of the new elementary school in Říčany (extremely bad web design btw, let's hope they improve it). We spent there about two hours, exploring the classrooms, watching the dancers and jumping in the Bouncy castle. It's a shame the school is about 30 minutes walk from our home, a bit too much for a first-grader IMO. But let's not make quick conclusions and wait for the first users' rating. After all, fresh teachers can make a big difference.

Then we headed north-west to see some of the Extreme parkour freerun chalenge. On the way there we discovered a community compost hidden in the shrubs near a playground, serving the nearby block of flats:
Note the labels with detailed instructions. Cool!

I liked the parkour stuff. It looked like the kids were organizing a big part of it themselves and it went quite smoothly.

There's a lot of kids doing parkour/freerun in our surroundings (or they are easier to spot :-) and it seems Mik likes it as well :-)
The ramp in the Skate park has been closed for some time due to some noise complaints by the neighbours. I'm not sure if the neigbours are happier with the anti-noise walls now ...

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